I have just finished putting together a webinar for the DTWD titled, 'Validation in line with RTO Standards' and I thought it was pretty important to get some feedback from those who are out there working within the Standards on a daily basis - that is - YOU!

This is what I have received to date...I will continue to add to this as more people respond.
  • Sit in on a validation session being conducted by a reputable RTO.
  • Validating assessment tools before using them is still important.
  • Schedule validation and embed into individual calendars.
  • Make it someone’s job role (to be responsible for validation).
  • Ensure the people who are validating know what they are doing.
  • Consider going beyond VET-only practitioners – people validating must have a strong understanding of assessment principles and practices.
  • Encourage industry to participate.
  • Spend time getting the know the documentation before the session.
  • Do not rush the meeting but avoid getting bogged down.
  • Find a SMS that helps manage the process.

Thanks so far to: Ray Earl, Marc Ratcliffe, Leeza Silverman, Amy Bolezny, Wendy Cato, Diana Makris, Kathy Bosward and Jim Munro.

Please feel free to add your own comments!